David Mietzke

I am a (this space left blank) year old gadget geek living in Holden Village, Washington USA.

After graduating with a BFA in Theatre Arts in 1996 I worked professionally in live theatre, both at major regional theatres and in educational settings. During that time I also spent a number of years working in the museum exhibit industry, for a company out of Seattle Washigton.

My wife, two daughters, and I gave a year and a half of service at Holden Village, an ecumenical retreat center run by the Lutheran Church in the North Cascades Wilderness of Washington state, where I was volunteering as the Medic, and Fire & Safety Officer, among many other roles. The girls are in College now and Angela and I are back at Holden for another term ten years later.

I have been interested in and playing with computers since the late nineteen-seventies, beginning with a TRS-80 before I reached the age of ten. Does anyone remember using cassette tapes for memory? Even before that I spent quite a few hours playing Zork on a VAX mainframe through a dialup printer terminal. The kind where you dialed your phone and when the remote computer answered you shoved the receiver in a boot on the terminal.

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